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Please know that this really is a living, breathing space and, with your help, we have become a “blogging” community. I encourage you to participate in its growth and share your feedback for improvements so that I can review them and implement when and wherever possible.

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  • By HCROWN280ZX, June 2, 2010 @ 12:13 pm

    Hello George, I just completed the Quick Question concerning aPTT mixing studies. Our aPTT mixing study consists of two parts, a control of NPP and Factor VIII deficient plasma tested immediately upon preparation and after 60 minutes incubation at 37 degrees. The patient is also mixed 50/50 with NPP and tested immediately upon preparation and after 60 minutes incubation.

    We established a normal reference range for these studies by testing a group of normal donors from our lab and surrounding offices. All donors were Lupus Anticoagulant Negative by Sta-Clot LA, DRVVT and Dilute PT index. All donors had normal PT, aPTT and Thrombin Times.

    We always perform these mixing studies at “zero time” and after 60 minutes. Without the additional incubation step, a physician would be unable to determine the presence of a factor inhibitor.

    Herb Crown
    St. Louis University Hospital Coagulation Laboratory

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