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January Cheat Sheet now Posted

The January, 2014 Cheat Sheet, a summary of relevant January posts, is now available.

Nov-Dec 2013 Cheat Sheet Now Available

Our Cheat Sheet summarizing posts from November and December of 2013 is now available.

October Cheat Sheet

Please select October Cheat Sheet for a review of our October, 2013 posts. The cheat sheet will also arrive in your email box within a few days, please watch for your copy. Geo.

July Cheat Sheet

Our Cheat Sheet reviewing July, 2013 posts is now ready for review.

Two New Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets for April and May of 2013 are now posted. Take advantage of these summaries as an introduction to our most recent posts. The Cheat Sheets will also be appearing in your mailbox in due course. Geo.

Cheat Sheet for March, 2013

A cheat sheet summarizing our March, 2013 posts is now available for your review.

Cheat Sheet for Nov-Dec

Happy New Year! Our November-December Cheat Sheet is now posted, and will soon arrive in your mailbox. Good news, Fritsma Factor has been investigated and cleared by our Internet Service Provider, PAIR Networks and by Google, and is free of malware and fully available for interaction and comments!

October Cheat Sheet Restored

Our recent crash wiped out our October Cheat Sheet, the monthly summary of October posts. While the Sheet has been delivered via “push” email to our participants, you may wish to use it on the site in order to locate recent posts. Here it is.

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