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QQ Responses: Platelet Function

Here are the results of our November, 2014 Quick Question:

What platelet function test do you use for platelet function disorders and/or for aspirin and clopidogrel efficacy?

a. Siemens PFA-100: 35%, 24 votes
b, Accumetrics VerifyNow: 25%, 17 votes
c. Light transmittance aggregometry: 18%, 12 votes
d. None: 10%, 7 votes
e. Whole blood impedance aggregometry: 9%, 6 votes
f. Helena PlateletWorks, 3%, 2 votes
Total: 68 votes

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Quick Question: Platelet Function Poll

From Scott Miller at St. Mary’s of Michigan: Just a note. We use both the PFA-100 and the Verify Now for platelet function testing. I am unable to get the poll to accept more than one response. Scott

Thank you, Scott, we will add your response to the total when we publish the results. Geo

TEG and ROTEM: Reprise

We have two valuable posts on the December 3, 2013 topic of Thromboelastograph (TEG) versus the Rotational Thromboelastometer (ROTEM), asking about transporting platelet function testing specimens through the tube system. I just want to ensure you didn’t miss this useful information.

Whole Blood Platelet Aggregometry

From Rob Hillmanwhat is the purpose of diluting blood with saline when running impedance aggregometry?

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HIT Test Using WBA

A colleague sent this additional material on the subject of a rapid HIT test posted by Julia Witt: I wanted to send you the attached six-slide PowerPoint on heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) testing using whole blood aggregometry. The assay (and the PowerPoint) was developed at CHUS- Fleurimont Hospital in Sherbrooke, Quebec by Dr. Mariette Lepine. Whole blood aggregometry offers the advantage of no blood specimen preparation.

Click here to download the PowerPoint: HIT WBA.ppt

Platelet Clumping

From Kelly Townsend at Tricore Labs: We have a patient whose platelets clump in every anticoagulant we’ve tried. He has normal prothrombin time, partial thromboplastin time, fibrinogen, and von Willebrand disease panel results, but oozes after even minor procedures. The clinicians want to evaluate platelet function, but we are hesitant because of his platelet clumping. Any suggestions for obtaining accurate platelet function analyzer (PFA-100)  and/or platelet aggregation results in a platelet clumper? We use the Chrono-log Lumiaggregometer (whole blood).

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Platelet Function and Storage

A second great question from our Rutgers graduate hemostasis course participants, this one from Brandy Gunsolus, Healthplex Family Clinic in Shreveport, LA, and Jene Shafer from Orange Regional Hospital, Middletown, NY. We are studying the new cell-based model of coagulation and they ask whether the storage lesion of platelet concentrates affects their ability to be activated in vivo upon administration. The cell-based model relies on collagen and thrombin-activated (COAT) platelets; they wonder if stored platelets are able to be activated as effectively as patient’s own platelets. I have found no studies examining this question.

Tube System Effect on Platelets?

From Gnaesh Lyer, Florida Hospital: Have you done any correlation studies for Plavix and aspirin if the tubes are sent by tube system from floors rather than hand delivering the tubes? Does the results vary a lot or with in acceptable range? Thanks.

Hello, Gnaesh Lyer, and thank you for your question. I know of no studies that examine the effect of specimen tube system agitation affecting platelet function assay results, and have forwarded your question to several colleagues to learn if anyone has unpublished data on the subject. Perhaps one of our participants may have a comment to add.


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